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Online: living in the cloud Most mobile games these days use an Internet connection, but mostly to download updates or notices and upload player stats and progress.

In terms of gameplay, however, they might as well be offline games.

While there are, admittedly, hundreds of clones and look-alikes, there are a few titles that do shine brightly amidst the grey clouds – and there are even more coming soon, both from established MMORPG makers like Perfect World Entertainment, to popular anime tie-ins like Sword Art Online, to never before heard of but daring startups and indies.

With mobile gaming becomes even more serious business, sometimes even less mobile (like in Android PCs and TVs), the opportunity to produce a true MMORPG with depth and quality gets bigger as well.

In practice, that has translated to being able to customize your player character or PC, and we’re not just talking about the way they look.

Most mobile RPGs, be it online, offline, or “action”, follow a cookie cutter ladderized progression system.

In complete contrast, MMORPGs need to be played with an active network connection, not to mention a good one. That does present a problem for those who don’t have easy access to a good Internet connection.

But, then again, there are also plenty of mobile games to enjoy that aren’t MMORPGs.

Hardware limitations on smartphones, as well as server limitations, have made that difficult in the past, but times, and technologies, are changing.

Still, many mobile games that brand themselves as MMORPGs don’t exactly use this convention and, as we’ll see later, confine players to their own home screens, limiting social interactions to chat.

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