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Reciprocity can be summed up as our natural inclination to feel grateful for favors and our desire to “pay them back,” no matter how small they are (covered quite well by Cialdini in his famous book ).

The other thing that you must understand about reciprocity is that research has shown us that the intentions of the “giver” can affect the perceived value of the gift.

” Today, I’d like to discuss 10 such studies that reveal 10 things your customers WISH you knew about them. When it comes to customer service, we all want to “get out” quickly and get back to our lives.

Luckily, one fantastic tool we have in our arsenal for creating happy customers is research in social psychology. With these insights into the human mind and research studies on customer loyalty, we can more objectively approach questions like, “What makes a happy customer?

It’s important that your business (and those you hire) focus on providing memorable, competent, and knowledgeable service with a smile.

Timely service is important, but customers are much more likely to remember brands that went above and beyond to solve their problems over brands that got them out the door quickly.

In fact, a study from the Institute of Management Sciences (headed by MIT’s Eric von Hippel) paints a very interesting picture of just how important customer input is in the success of many businesses.

The crucial conclusions of the study were as follows: While #1 is certainly a shocking revelation, there is a unique case study for #2 that really paints a believable picture for just how valuable customer input is.

A recent Gallup study reveals that when it comes to memorable service people tell their friends about, it’s more important that the service provided feels “thorough” and friendly, rather than quick.This is why “Frugal WOWs” work so well: Customers perceive the service as a genuine act of kindness rather than as you trying to with costly gifts.So remember, it doesn’t take huge expenses to win customers over!Beginning a new task is a point where our brains often try to sabotage us, and additional research has shown that we are much more likely to complete a task if we feel like we’ve already taken the first few steps.This “artificial advancement” used on the second card was what made customers more likely to complete the card program to the end.

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