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Man has always believed in superstitions, which most of them stemmed from emotional needs and distresses.

When any person is in distress, and there is no logical or practical solution available, the only way to deal with the problem is turn to faith, spells, amulets and virtues of all kinds. Hamsa came to remind every Muslim these five commandments, and promising him an entrance to heaven if he observes the commandments.

One of the virtues against this witchcraft, which is specific to the bride and groom on their wedding day, is the groom has to pee through his wedding ring at the end of the marriage celebration.

Another accepted virtue in Judaism, is to bury the pieces of the wedding glass in the ground against the evil eye, or to put a blue stone in the groom's pocket during the wedding. It has been related, that ceasar Aoktabeinuc, which put on his left shoe first, was notified about the rebellion against him on that day.

This was considered a disease or bacteria inhalation, and therefore, the listener always wished the person who sneezed, health. A person who leaves his home for an important event or important meeting, and forgot something at home, never coming back on his trail to take it. You turned back someone else's upside down shoe – the good luck will smile at you.

Those who keeps money in their pocket on Rosh Hashanah, the more the better- will not miss penny in his pocket all year long. Advisable to make a donation for penance to avoid the disaster. Colors that bring luck according to weekdays: Sunday – White Monday – Light blue Tuesday – Blue Wednesday – White or yellow Thursday – Pink Friday – Green Thursday – Red Any kind of these colored garment, on the right day, will bring luck. You must put it into salt water for an hour before wearing it.The Talmud refers to the putting on the right shoe first as a requirement of every observant Jew, and even Shulchan Aruch refers to the putting on the right shoe first subject extensively.This custom stems from the fact that most people are right-wingers, and therefore, most actions are starting on the right side.In the Middle Ages was a widespread belief that people who hold an empty baby crib in their house after the baby grows, or before he was born, will cause to the death of the newborn or the kid.This belief is widespread even today in some Jewish factions.

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